venerdì 8 maggio 2015

A mailart by Keith S. Chambers

A wonderful suspension of time permeates the composition, and a vertical movement ripples the cleaning and formal purity of the graphics and the monochrome, guiding the eye and thus the observer's interpretation, moving in search of meaning, seduced by the simplicity of the elements of the game.

shell > frog> monkey
sea > amphibious > ground
small > medium > great
breathe water > both > air
neural, simple > average > very complex
able to move slowly > to jump > walking
voiceless > few sounds > complex sounds and language

The wire that binds the frog to the shell  break the perspective's interpretation, bringing the viewer on a conceptual research and not just figurative. But is it a real wire? This artwork creates a vast territory free for interpretation, even with elements so real.

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