lunedì 4 maggio 2015

Assembly instructions

Andrea Roccioletti
P-Ars 2015

The human being produces and makes use of assembly instructions.

The instructions are designed to optimize time and resources, and to share experiences aimed at achieving a purpose. So, the goals of human actions tend to the comfort:
to the creation of areas of ease, through objects, practices, forms of thought.

However, for various reasons, partly known and partly not, it seems that the instrumental and environmental comfort created by mankind does not fully meet all its needs, and in particular the deeper ones.

The use of instructions and the realization of pre-packed comfortable situations seems not always lead to an effective personal appeasement and evolution, at the expense of themselves, if not also the other.

I cut and remixed assembly instructions of a famous brand of low-cost, popular furnitures yet tending to design, creating a new aesthetic visual form, which nevertheless remains an end in itself, depriving the purpose of the initial object to put in front of the observer the uselessness. Uselessness which fortunately has the art, and that always brings us back to the real deep questions who can not find satisfaction in universal panaceas, expensive or affordable remedies, but only in the personal processing can be found, and with difficulty, if not answers, at least ways to go.

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