domenica 31 maggio 2015

mailart CALL - GIVING INSPIRAcTION starts June 01, 2015

CALL - GIVING INSPIRAcTION This call is dedicated to all the mailartists willing to stake their art to share inspiration, points of view on the world, techniques and methods. The location where the artworks will be exhibited is the HOUS@RT, a residence project which hosts artists from all over the world, located in Haarlem, Netherlands. The concept of the call is simple: the invitation is open to all the artists who want to actively participate through their mailarts in the creation and sharing of content to be shown at the residency of HOUS@RT; the mailarts become part of the permanent collection of the residency, and will also serve as a inducement to the dialogue on the arts for the artists and for the public in transit. No fee, no jury, no return. The theme is free. All artworks will be published online, in a web page created for the purpose and on social: P-ARS, SMAAKUNST and HOUS@RT. The works must be received by June 1, 2015 to August 31, 2015. Address: Michela & Andrea HOUS @ RT Schoterweg 7C 2121 HZ Haarlem Netherlands. ------------ P-ARS Andrea Roccioletti Studio works on the arts, produces and supports those involved in planning, implementation and circulation of art events, wants to share ideas, resources, technical expertise and administrative to ensure that the arts complete the most of every stages of its life cycle. It's a starting point that provides motivations for discussion and participation to the artists. HOUS@RT is a residency project dedicated to artists willing to have a creative experience in a foreign country and at a cost less than any hostel, getting in touch with the local artistic realities and collaborating with the project promoters. ------------

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