sabato 9 maggio 2015

Traveling Art

Traveling Art
Walter Santoni
Fred Laur. Kunstler
Andrea Roccioletti

The performance overturns the concept of motion:
not the artist to travel bringing with him his artwork,
but the artwork moves elsewhere,
carrying not the artist, but his intervention on itself.

The performance overturns the concept of property:
is not the artwork to be owned by the artist who created it,
but the artwork is to own interventions by the artists who,
from time to time, hosted the artwork.


Walter Santoni - Berlin, Germany
Laureato in pittura all'accademia di Macerata nel 2001

Fred Laur. Kunstler aus Estland.
Estnische Kunstakademie, Fotografie.
Wohnt in Berlin.

Andrea Roccioletti
Arthacktivist, performer.
Nato a Torino, Italia; residente ad Haarlem, Netherlands.

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