venerdì 12 giugno 2015

E. Coles, "Direction finding"

"Direction finding"
E. Coles, Cardiff.

The mailart presents collage's layers.

A - The background is white.
B - The first layer, of white rough paper, has a square cutout.
C - The second layer is represented by two strips of wrapping paper.
D - The third layer are strips of written pages.
E - At the center of the composition there is a point of black cloth. Its location is indicated by a black ink triangle.

The territory where the interpretation of the observer moves is therefore between:

1 - areas and carriers
2 - different matter quality
3 - shades of the same color scale
4 - text's fragments, comprehensible and incomprehensible
5 - care cut edges and torn edges

The only different material present in the composition is the central point, of cloth instead of paper, also the only circular shape, without sharp edges. Perhaps a possible interpretation of this composition is the "direction finding" between similarities and differences, to find the intruder, that is both the central point: so in view, but recognizable in its essence only after covering all that surrounds it in the composition.

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