martedì 28 aprile 2015

Vacuum bags full of empty vacuum

I stumbled into “Vacuum bags full of empty vacuum” working as assistant cook in a restaurant - then, metaphorically, giving up part of my work as an artist in favor of a job that would allow me to earn money, for necessities. I decided to exhibit them in frames purchased from low-cost chains of furnitures, the same low-quality frames that are purchased to frame family photographs, very common in homes: I searched the proximity to everyday experience. The performance-exhibition will ideally end when a gallery or an exhibition space will propose to its visitors, completing the transformation of the Vacuum bags full of empty vacuum from everyday object to ready-made. The function of the vacuum bags would be to preserve foods in time; I chose to seal them with no content to fall back on itself the object and its function; furthermore, the shape of the installation so structured takes audiences to some general reflections, on the fringes of the personal ones that everyone can give. First, in how our society interacts with the vacuum, with the absence, with the object waterproof, in an era of continuous osmosis between different media, and strong horror vacui by the lack of information. Second, I read a novel of Moorcock during my adolescence, “Elric of Melnibonè”: the protagonist reached the extreme limit of the explored lands, and it was his move beyond this boundary to create reality step by step. That chapter of the novel had anticipated the most modern theories of Heisenberg, about the observer that collapses the function wave of a quantum making crystallize it in a defined shape; the same happens when the public casts his gaze within an artwork, by redefining it with its own experience and sensitivity.

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